Granny Working At McDonald’s Gets Secret Santa Surprise!

A Secret Santa is giving away more than half a million dollars to deserving folks in Idaho this holiday season. He’s getting help from the East Idaho News team so he can remain anonymous. The latest lucky recipient of his generosity is Diana Boldman, who was surprised during her shift at McDonald’s.

Dianaand her husband Cameron are both 65 and in addition to her full-time job at Mickey D’s, they deliver newspapers in Idaho Falls every morning in a van with nearly 240-thousand miles on it. So Secret Santa bought her a brand-new SUV and gave her $5-thousand in gas cards, plus a $1,000 check to help make their holidays merrier.

She was shocked when the news team arrived with her early Christmas gifts. Diana could hardly believe her good luck and sends her heartfelt thanks to Secret Santa.

Source:East Idaho News

Photo Credit: Getty

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