FedEx Driver Puts Out Backyard Fire On Route

A FedEx driver became a hero to some homeowners in Los Angeles when he saved their home from a fire.Jason Sloanwas filling in for another driver and was delivering a package when he noticed smoke from a house and rushed to help.

A doorbell camera captured him grabbing a garden hose and using it to extinguish a backyard blaze. The homeowners,AlbertandCelena Rios, were at work at the time and their neighbors started calling them to tell them about the fire and Sloan’s actions to stop it.

“Every single neighbor was like, ‘The FedEx guy is a hero, like he really acted out of nowhere,’” Celena explains. She and her husband thank Sloan for going out of his way to potentially save their home.

Source:Inside Edition

Photo Credit: Getty

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