Couple Helps Change Homeless Man’s Life After He Offers His Coat

A chance meeting led to an act of kindness that helped to change a homeless man’s life for the better. After missing the last train home in London one night, Charlotte Ellis and her boyfriend Taylor were stuck in the cold and a guy named Joey offered to loan them his coat and blanket. She accepted and started getting to know Joey, figuring if he came to her rescue, she should return the favor.

Charlotte insisted that Joey come home with them so he could get a hot meal and shower. He thought she was joking, but finally agreed. They talked with him for hours and got to know him and his story. The couple and their loved ones helped Joey get a haircut, a phone, new clothes and soon lined up an interview, which led to a job. Now they’ve become friends and have helped Joey turn his life around.

“We treat him as we would treat anyone else,” Charlotte says. “Just because someone is ‘homeless,’ it doesn’t make them any less of a person than me or you. They are just like me and you.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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