WWII Pilot Still Flies Every Week At The Age Of 100!

Harry Moyer doesn’t let a little thing like age get in the way of following his passion. He started flying in 1942 with the Army Air Corps and he hasn’t stopped yet. The World War II pilot still flies every week, including on his 100th birthday last month.

The veteran may be the oldest active pilot in the world and his family even submitted a video to the folks at Guinness World Records as proof, but he’s not too interested in that. Moyer says the record would probably be more for his family than for him, adding, “Maybe they want to say ‘Grandpa did this.’” And while we think it’s amazing that he still takes to the skies at his age, he believes life is all about taking risks and doing what you love.

“Just don’t sit back and just say, ‘My God, that’s too dangerous,’” he explains. “It’s not. Take a chance".

Source: CBS News

Photo Credit: Getty

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