Cape Cod Man Riding Bicycle Across The Country To Celebrate His Sobriety

Connor O’Reilly has biked for fun, for exercise and as a means of transportation, but now he’s cycling for a cause he believes in. He’s riding his bike across the country, from Falmouth, Massachusetts to Santa Monica, California to prove that by not putting limits on himself and stepping outside his comfort zone, he can achieve pretty much anything.

The trip is 45-hundred miles long and the Cape Cod man is doing it alone, without a support van following him or giving him water. Connor’s carrying everything he needs for the journey on his bike. He set off on September 1st and has celebrated a proud milestone along the way - five years of recovery and sobriety. And he’s also raising money for WellStrong Fitness & Wellness Center, which has a mission to “create sober, active communities for people recovering from addiction.”

He also has a message for people who are struggling with their own challenges. “You can not only survive through hard times in life, but you can actually thrive,” Connor says. “And after recovering from whatever you recover from…you can do extraordinary things.”

Source:CBS Boston

Photo Credit: Getty

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