Police Dog Locates Missing Toddler!

A family can rest easy now that their missing two-year-old son is back home and safe, thanks to Kilo the police dog. The Mason City family says their toddler wandered away from their rural home and they also reported their dog had gone missing at the same time.

The Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s deputies and the Mason City and Worth County K-9 units started the search for the boy and used a drone to help find him. But it was Kilo the K-9 and his partner, Mason City officer Duane Kemna, who were successful in locating the tot. They tracked him along a creek and found him sitting on a cinder block at a neighbor’s property with the family dog by his side.

Officials report the youngster didn’t require any medical attention and was reunited with his family soon after being found.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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