Woman's Quick Thinking Saved Her From Kidnapping!

A New Jersey woman thought fast to get help from a stranger as police say she was being carjacked, robbed and kidnapped. She had been in a parked car with a man when a man knocked on the window and identified himself as a police officer. Lieutenant Robert Bracken with the Clifton Police says the man then told the couple they were “breaking the law by being intimate in a public place.”

He told them that if they gave him some money, he wouldn’t take them to jail and then showed them he had a gun. They complied and the suspect forced the woman into the backseat while he got in the front seat and directed the guy to drive to a nearby bank. That’s when the woman saw her chance and mouthed “HELP ME” to a stranger in the parking lot and luckily, they called the police.

Officers were nearby and arrived in time to stop the crime in progress, according to police. Two men have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, carjacking and robbery.


Photo: Getty

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