Sally The German Shepherd Protects Family From A Bear!

A family in Alaska was on a hike at Kachemak Bay State Park when a female bear came at them. The bear was approaching to attack, but their family dog, Sally the German shepherd, stepped in front of them to protect her people.

The mom, Weatherly Bates, says the four of them bunched together, yelling and waving their arms to try to drive the bear away, but nothing worked. Sally was by her side and saw what was happening, then put herself between the bear and her family. The bear grabbed Sally by the head as their other dog ran up and started fighting with the bear and the dad, Greg, tried kicking the bear to get her to release Sally, but eventually he had to shoot it with his gun to stop the attack.

The Bates clan rushed Sally to the veterinarian and while she did receive some puncture wounds, she’s going to be just fine. “It brings tears to our eyes that she did that for us,” Weatherly explains, “because I have no doubt if she hadn’t, the bear could have really hurt one of my kids or one of us.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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