Family Keeps Tradition Alive With Drive-Thru Haunted House!

This is the 29th year the Fields family has operated the Pirates of Emerson haunted house in California, but it’s their first one during a pandemic. Instead of canceling the family tradition, they got creative to make it COVID-friendly.

Normally, there would be crowds of people standing in line to walk through the haunted house at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, which would be considered high risk. So the Fields fam converted 10 acres into a drive-thru event where people can get scared from a safe social distance. Cars weave through the attractions at two to three miles an hour and get all their thrills without any of the danger from crowds.

And the visitors seem to love it! “It got me good a couple of times,” says Sabina Khan. “We had a really good time, but I’m glad it’s over!”

Source:CBS San Francisco

Photo Credit: Getty

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