Guy Wins $750K Lottery On Way To Dentist!

No one likes going to the dentist, but a guy who won a big lottery jackpot on the way to his appointment may feel differently. Larry Hales was on his way to see his dentist in Garner, North Carolina, when he made a quick stop at the store and decided to buy scratch-off tickets that really paid off.

He scratched off the tickets and literally couldn’t believe his eyes when one of the $10 Jumbo Bucks tickets ended up being a $750-thousand winner! Hales says he rushed home to show his wife the tickets so she could confirm he was seeing them right, adding, “I’ll bet we looked at those tickets a dozen times.”

Now that he’s three-quarters of a million dollars richer, Hales is already making plans for how to spend it. Home repairs are first up on the list and he says they might buy a new car or maybe a new truck, too.


Photo Credit: Getty

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