After 75 Years, A 93-Year-Old Woman Finally Gets Her High School Diploma!

A woman who never got the chance to graduate with her high school has been given her diploma at age 93, thanks to her family. Eileen Delaney would have been a member of Port Richmond High School’s class of 1945, but her stepmother made her quit during her senior year so she could get a job and start paying rent.

Eileen went on to marry and have six children and her daughter, Maureen, says her mom never dwelled on getting her diploma. But when the family realized that her class would be celebrating their 75th graduation anniversary this year, they reached out to school principal Andrew Greenfield and he was happy to help. He says it was the “easiest and happiest” decision he’s made all year.

So when Eileen’s 93rd birthday rolled around recently, her family surprised her with the diploma and she loved it. “She was moved by receiving the honorary diploma,” Maureen says. “There was not a dry eye in the house or on Zoom.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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