Good Samaritan Stops Teen Who Ran After Causing Wreck!

A teenager slammed into a woman’s car while driving down the wrong side of the road in the heart of the Buckhead area of Atlanta and tried to flee the scene. The accident was caught on a traffic camera and it shows the teen getting out seconds after the crash and taking off running. What he didn’t know? Three construction workers nearby saw the whole thing and they weren’t going to let him get far.

These good Samaritans were hard at work near the scene of the crash and rushed to help. Chaz Albrecht was in the group who chased the teen down and he used his training in jiu jitsu martial arts to hold him down until police arrived. “I pinned his hips down, and I had shoulder pressure on his chin to keep him from turning in to me,” Albrecht explains.

The police say the driver was a 16-year-old boy who was armed with a handgun and close to $4-thousand in cash. Now the woman whose car was hit and officers with the Atlanta Police Department are thanking these guys for their good deed. “You’re a good guy,” an officer told Albrecht. “You acted out of instincts just trying to help someone.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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