Boston Mom Thanks Officer Who Saved Choking Infant!

When her three-month-old daughter started choking, Juliette Leger says she felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. She called 911 and first responders raced to her home in Brockton, Massachusetts, including police Chief Manny Gomes, who happened to be nearby. He says, “It’s probably the most sobering, scariest call you can get as a police officer,” but thanks to his efforts, this one has a happy ending.

According to Chief Gomes, the infant was unresponsive and limp when Leger handed her to him, so he flipped her over, and gave her several back blows, which loosened the mucus she was choking on. Eventually, he used his finger to clear the newborn’s airway so she could breathe again.

“It was a tense situation,” he explains, “and after we swept that out of her mouth, she was just about as scared as I was.” The baby was taken to a local hospital and is doing well and her mother says she’s “very, very much thankful” for Gomes saving her daughter.


Photo Credit: Getty

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