Would You? Man Finds $10K Hidden In Home, Returns It To Former Owner

What would you do if you bought a house and found something valuable inside that the former owner left behind? This happened to Jim Dow when he bought a Chicago home to renovate and ended up finding thousands of dollars hidden inside. He’s flipped more than 50 houses, but he’s never found anything like this before.

Dow says he found five envelopes stashed in various places, like behind the couch and behind an old photo hanging on the wall. There was around $10-thousand in all and while some would have been happy to keep it as a buyer’s bonus, Dow is an honest man who did the right thing. He happily returned the cash to the home’s former owner.

The woman who had lived there for more than 50 years and her family were thrilled. They offered Dow a reward for his honesty, but he politely refused. Instead, he asked her to pay that money forward to someone who could use a little help. “I think there are good people in the world,” he says, “and I’m not the only one who would’ve done this same thing.”

Source: CBS Chicago

Photo Credit: Getty

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