911 Dispatcher Helps Save Two Lives In One Shift!

A 911 dispatcher in Florida had a busy shift recently when she helped save two lives in the span of an hour. McKenzie Davis works for the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and she says, “No routine call is ever a routine call.” But the 21-year-old knew exactly how to handle two emergency calls, starting with one from a frantic mother.

Davis says the mom called to report her six-month-old baby wasn’t breathing and her first step was to calm the mom down so she could do CPR. She says the mother listened to her instructions and did well and soon the infant was breathing and moving again. Then just a little over an hour later, Davis took a call from a woman who said her 71-year-old husband was in the swimming pool and wasn’t breathing. She told the caller exactly how to do CPR and when paramedics arrived, they found a strong pulse and the man is expected to make a full recovery.

She did a phenomenal job,” Sheriff Rick Staly says of Davis. “To do back-to-back lifesaving events is testament to her ability as a dispatcher and a prime example of what our dispatchers do day in and day out.”

Source:The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Photo Credit: Getty

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