Teen Builds Free Desks To Help Kids In Need!

A 17-year-old in Virginia has been busy building desks.Colby Samidestarted off by constructing one for himself and then he spent the last week of summer vacation building 40 more to give away to underprivileged kids who need them for distance learning.

When it’s not a pandemic, many kids do their homework at the kitchen table and it’s fine, but when they’re trying to focus on live instruction on a computer, it can be too distracting. But many families can’t afford to go out and buy a desk right now and that’s where Colby’s woodworking skills are really helping out. The high school junior created aDesks for DistanceFacebook page to find students who need them and along with requests, donations are pouring in, too.

Now Colby’s goal is to finish 60 more desks for a total of 100. His favorite part of the process? Delivering the simple, sturdy desks to the kids who will get to use them. “That’s the golden moment,” he says.


Photo Credit: Getty

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