Electrician Gets Elderly Woman’s Whole House Fixed For Free!

Electrician John Kinney of Woburn, Massachusetts got a call to fix a ceiling light for Gloria Scott, but he soon found that was the least of her problems. The 72-year-old’s house was in total disrepair, it needed everything replaced from electrical to windows and she didn’t have the money to have the work done. But after seeing her with no lights or running water, Kinney decided to start working for free.

He set up a Facebook page called “Nice old lady needs help” and called on other tradespeople to pitch in with their skills. And it turns out, many other workers were happy to lend a hand. Together they’ve all been working for about a month to give Gloria all new electrical, all new plumbing, new windows, walls and ceilings. Pretty much everything is getting redone, from the front porch steps to the backyard lawn. And they’re doing it all at no charge!

The whole town of Woburn is getting in on the project, those who can’t build are bringing shovels and rakes to help and others are sending food for the workers. Kinney calls his generous group of workers Gloria’s Gladiators and they’re loving what they’re doing so much that they don’t want it to end with this house, he says “We want to keep this going.”

Source:CBS News

Photo Credit: Getty

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