Marine Vet Rescues Autistic Boy & His Uncle From Riptide!

A Marine Corps veteran from Texas was vacationing in Florida with his family when he became a hero by saving two strangers.Steven Jetton was at Princess Beach on Okaloosa Island with his newly purchased surfboard when he saw two swimmers in distress and rushed to help them.

"I looked up and down the beach, and knew I was the only one who could help them," he explains.

Jetton paddled out and rescued a 12-year-old boy with autism and his 47-year-old uncle, who were struggling in a riptide about 100 yards out in the Gulf of Mexico. He says the boy was barely keeping his face above water as he got closer and pulled him onto his surfboard. He was helping the uncle when lifeguards and local rescuers, some with jet skis, arrived and helped everyone get safely back to shore.

Source:NWF Daily News

Photo Credit: Getty

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