Hero Dad Saves Kids From Close Encounter With 12-Foot Alligator!

A dad in League City, Texas, became a hero when he rescued his children and a babysitter from an extremely dangerous situation in their backyard. Andrew Grande was inside his home when he first spotted a massive alligator rising out of a canal behind the property. He managed to rush out and save his son, four-year-old daughter, and their sitter when the gator came within three feet of them.

After Grande got them behind a gate for protection, he called an alligator hunter for help. After struggling to contain and capture the beast, which was 11-feet, seven-inches, and nearly 600-pounds, the hunter called Texas game wardens in for back-up. Eventually, it took three hours, seven people, two poles, rope, and several pieces of plywood to get the gator out of the water.

The giant reptile now has a new home at an alligator theme park in Beaumont. “They were happy to have the gator because they lost all of theirs during Hurricane Harvey,” Grande says. “I was happy to have it out of my backyard.”

Source:Houston Chronicle

Photo Credit: Getty

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