Officer Runs Into A Burning House To Save An Eight-Year-Old Boy!

A police officer in Texas put his personal safety aside to save a family from a fire. Officer JoshuaGonzalez with the Socorro Police Department ran into a mobile home that was engulfed in flames and carried out an eight-year-old boy who was trapped inside.

An off-duty firefighter who was on the scene also went in and he helped the two adults inside get out. Luckily, no one was hurt in the fire.

Gonzalez says that when he arrived and found out there were people still inside the residence “it was well within my heart and soul to run in and try to get these people out.” His department has recognized him for the “selfless act.” And even better? When the rescued boy told Gonzalez that he was really sad to lose his football cleats in the fire, the officer offered to buy him new ones.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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