Cancer Survivor Beats Coronavirus To Celebrate 100th Bday!

Leora Martin has a lot to celebrate right now. The Indiana woman just beat coronavirus, recovering a week before her 100th birthday. She’s also a cancer survivor who fought a serious battle with pneumonia last year.

The birthday gal celebrated her milestone with a visit from her daughter at her assisted living facility. She also sang “Happy Birthday” to her twin sister, Delora Bloomingdale, over Zoom. In one of the photos from her big day, Leora is holding a sign that reads, “COVID-19 can’t stop me from turning 100!”

“It was sort of a relief,” she says of her recovery. “You have to remember, I’ve been through cancer. That was not comfortable, but I survived. They didn’t think I would survive pneumonia last year either, but I did.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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