Interview with Lt Gov Bysiewicz: Daily Covid-19 Update for 6.25.20

Interview with Lt Governor Susan Bysiewicz on 6.25.20

We discuss the Travel Advisory and exactly what and who it impacts.

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How will the Covid -`19 pandemic affect Taxe$?

Small business owners, please listen - you can forward to halfway and you will get important information on how to navigate the system, use of loans/grants and how to get help!

Services that can help you:

Department of Economic & Community Development (DECD) (860)500-2333

Women's Small Business Development Center ( Note: they are helping all men/women)

CT Small Business Development Center (860) 240-4700

According to, Connecticut is one of seven states exceeding expectations in the fight against coronavirus.

The 14-day trend of positive cases is down by more than half, testing is exceeding expectations, there’s adequate hospital space, but most importantly, the percentage of people testing positive remains low.

“We’re down to about one percent,” Lamont said.

“I think we went from being a hotspot to being a national leader on these issues,” said Dr. Summer McGee, University of New Haven Health Sciences.

All encouraging words coming from Connecticut at a time when in just the last 23 days, the state has seen protestors stand shoulder to shoulder while gamblers from across the northeast flocked to Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.

Many want to know why the health consequences many experts expected hasn’t materialized.

“I think what we’re finding is wearing the mask is the biggest determinant in terms of what we see, in terms of the infection rate,” Lamont said.