Teacher Washes Student's Mouth Out With Hand Sanitizer

A science teacher from Polo Park Middle School in Wellington, Florida is suspended for washing a students mouth with hand sanitizer. The incident began when the student refused to keep quiet during class.

The teacher, Guyette Duhart, told the student, "You need to have your mouth washed with soap," and picked up a bottle of hand sanitizer. Duhart told investigators that she then placed the bottle over his mouth, but claims that he pumped it into his mouth.

The student immediately spat out the hand sanitizer and ran into the hallway. When the child returned to class, Duhart allowed him to rinse out his mouth with water.

After learning about what happened, school officials launched an investigation. They were able to corroborate the boy's story after speaking with other students in the class. Duhart was suspended for 10 days without pay and will begin serving her suspension on March 12.

Photo Credit: Getty

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