Plant-Based EGGS Are A Reality, And They Taste INCREDIBLY Good

The egg is 'wigglin and jigglin' and is really tasty, according to a food connoisseur! Plus he says the flavor is 'on a different level' and almost impossible to tell the difference from the real deal.

And from someone who can't eat a lot of eggs (I'm allergic) this is the GREATEST NEWS EVER.

Right now, you can only get them at a Vegan restaurant in CA, but maybe someday they'll share the 'secret' recipe and the 'eggs' made from yellow tomatoes will be available everywhere.

btw, here is a cookbook based on the recipes at Crossroads Kitchen (where the eggs were invented) and it's available on Amazon.

For now though, there is the JUST EGG liquid vegan egg product, although from the reviews, it doesn't really compare 100% to real eggs.

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