TikTok Flaw Makes App Vulnerable To Hackers

A cybersecurity firm says hackers can add or delete videos after sending a bogus text, and gain access to your personal information if you are using the TikTok app.

Check Point Research released information about how a hacker could send a text with a link, and if you click on it, that person gains access to the account, and can manipulate videos..

The TikTok domain was also found to be vulnerable to malicious scripts, and that hackers could get users personal information.

TikTok has said they have fixed the problem, but it was vulnerable for most of 2019.

And just fyi.. TikTok is in over 150 markets, used in 75 languages globally, and has over a billion users (mostly kids and teens) and is one of the most downloaded apps out there right now.

MORE HERE from Check Point Research


Photo: Getty Images

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