New dating terms that you need to know for 2020


When someone tells you that you're exclusive, but THEY did tell you that they aren't exclusive to other words, they date everyone


A homage to the ‘Frozen’ princess.... someone goes cold or stops responding to your messages without explanation....basically an updated version of ghosting


Inspired by the reaction to Keanu Reeves’ age appropriate girlfriend...Keanu-ing is a term for where someone dates someone you wouldn’t expect them to.

Deja Eeew

When you experience repulsion after seeing someone you used to date


Playing on the ‘We were on a break’ joke from ‘Friends’, Rossing describes a situation when one person insists they’re justified in dating other people because there’s a mutually-agreed “break” in the relationship.


Taking its name from ‘The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde’, this is where someone completely switches from dealing with the breakup like a normal person to totally acting like a pyschopath

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