ANOTHER Tick-Born Disease To Worry About In Connecticut

So we have Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and EEE (from mosquitoes) and now THIS!

The State Department of Public Health says a fourth person is now sick with Powassan disease, which is carried by the deer tick.. and there is no vaccine or treatment for it.

Of the four cases here in Connecticut, one was a fatality. MORE about Powassan disease HERE from DPH.

Btw, we have 3 types of ticks here in CT: The Blacklegged (deer) tick, the Lone Star tick, and the American Dog Tick.

Unfortunately, ticks will still be around this Fall and into Winter, depending on how mild the weather is..

MORE on these ticks and the diseases they carry HERE plus how stay safe when you're enjoying time outside.

And you might want to think twice about Possums.. seems they really DO get rid of a LOT of ticks!

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