They're Back.. Stink Bugs Will Soon Be Invading Your Home

The little nasties are looking for a warm winter haven, and when they find one.. they let all their fellow stink bugs know.

GREAT. Once they find your nice, cozy home, they send out a phermone to let their buddies know yours is the place to be.

And they're an invasive species that are wreaking havoc on our crops here in the U.S. If you see them in or around your home, chances are they're eating all of your pretty plants.

Experts say the best way to get rid of them if they're in your house is to flush them down the toilet, or vacuum them up, then make sure the bag is sealed tight before you throw it away. To prevent them from entering at all, make sure your windows, doors, and any other 'ports of entry' are sealed tight!

MORE advice HERE on the best methods to keep stink bugs under control and out of your house.

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