Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog Alone Outside. Ever.

After seeing this Coyote jump right over a backyard fence, you'll never want to have your dog off-leash again, especially at night.

There have been multiple reports of dogs, even as big as 40 or 50 lbs, being attacked and killed by Coyotes.

See the info below on how to protect your pets from not only wild animals, but also humans, as pet thefts are becoming more common, unfortunately.

Aggressive Coyotes Are Hunting Pets In Connecticut - Thumbnail Image

Aggressive Coyotes Are Hunting Pets In Connecticut

Sadly, a family in Glastonbury lost their beloved dog recently..

And it's not just Coyotes you need to be worried about, as 'pet thieves' are on the rise. These awful people are just looking for easy targets, and your dog could become what is called a 'bait dog' for illegal fighting rings, a fate you would never wish on ANY dog.. or as easy money for re-sale if you have a purebred. MORE HERE about how to protect your dog.

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