CT: Brace Yourself For Possible Taxes On Pet Vet Visits And Horse Boarding

Gov Lamont has proposed a 'sales tax' for every time you take your dog or cat to the vet, or the vet comes out for your horse or farm animals. Plus, taxes on boarding horses..

So far, he's just talking about doing all of this taxing, plus more, of course.. seems like soon we'll be taxed on the air that we breathe here in Connecticut.

More on the possible new taxes HERE and how your legislators reacted HERE

As a horse owner, it might be smart to look into the CT Horse Council for ways to combat these new taxes.. also, the Connecticut Farm Bureau which (thanks to a facebook friend for the following info) 'educates it's members about issues such as these, mobilizes members to contact legislators and even testify if appropriate, and lobbies on behalf of its members. I would encourage anyone who is concerned about these taxes to join. You do not need to be a full time or part time farmer. There is a "Friend of Agriculture " and even a "Student" membership category.'

I know as a horse person myself, my budget is already stretched to the limit, my mare is a rescue and it hasn't been cheap trying to take care of some of her medical issues. I do not want to give her up because I can't afford to care for her anymore! And my fear is that these new taxes, if they come to be, would force other horse owners to start thinking the same thing. Horse boarding facilities are already paying high taxes just to run their businesses here, it's scary to think any more might mean they would shut down. And then, how would they sell their business? Who will want to invest if they're being taxed to the max.

If you're feeling worried like I am, click HERE to contact your legislators to express your concerns!

And remember, this applies to you if you have a dog, cat, farm animal, or other pet..

My horse Suzy pictured below, with one of our wonderful vets and my husband Terry holding her.

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