Giant Kentucky Snowman Gives Vandals Instant Karma

Someone thought it would be funny to topple the 9 ft snowman with their car, but a tree stump gave the homeowner the last laugh!

You see, Cody's fiance and her sister were visiting, and since they had never seen so much snow, they thought 'let's build a snowman!' And what a snowman it is, standing 9 ft tall and hiding a little (or actually big) secret..

The snowman was built around a huge tree stump in Cody's front yard, so when the idiot who decided to have some fun by driving up on the lawn full speed ahead to mow it down HIT the snowman, well, let's just say they probably have a big ol' dent in the front of their vehicle HAHAHAHA!!

MORE on this amusing story HERE

btw, 'Tree Stump Frosty' has it's own Facebook Fan Page!!  

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