The Mustang Official Trailer Is A MUST WATCH

Robert Redford directs this based-on-real-life movie about a violent convict who must connect with a wild horse to change his life..

It's as close as you can get to the ways in which horses can heal.

The Mustang will open in select theaters on March 15th, 2019.

MORE info HERE on horse / people rehabilitation programs

And INFO HERE on how to help our wild Mustangs, who are in danger of losing their lands and their lives..


And people in prison are not the only souls being saved by horses..

How Wild Horses Are Helping Veterans
How Wild Horses Are Helping Veterans
This intense documentary follows combat Veterans as they learn to work with wild Mustangs on a 500 mile journey of discovery.. and healing.

Wendy here, and this is my beautiful Mustang Suzy Q, or Suzy On The Q Tee.  She was born in North Dakota, and brought to Connecticut when she was a yearling.  She is my heart!


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