US Military Secret - How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

I have the WORST time getting to sleep! It can take me up to an hour.. so totally going to try this method, revealed by the US Military back in 1981, in a book called Relax and Win: Championship Performance.

Here's what to do: 

You have to relax your entire body, starting with your face, including

your tongue, jaw, and even the muscles around your eyes.

Then, release tension in your shoulders by lowering them, followed by relaxing one arm and then the other.

Next, take a deep breath and then release it, and think about relaxing your chest.

Now, start releaxing your legs, starting at the top with your thighs, and moving to your calves. And even your feet and toes!

Lastly, picture yourself in a calm place, like floating in a boat under a blue sky, or lying in a velvet hammock in a pitch-black room. If you’re still awake, keep repeating ‘don’t think, don’t think’ in your head..

This method may take up to six weeks to work, however, the military claims to have a 96% success rate!

MORE on this get to sleep fast method HERE

And for other ways to help you fall asleep faster, watch the following videos!

Beauty Sleep Is A Real Thing And Research Proves It - Thumbnail Image

Beauty Sleep Is A Real Thing And Research Proves It

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