Tis' the season for Hangry Wasps!

These little flying monsters have spent the summer caring for babies, and now they're on the hunt for sweet treats for themselves. And they are HANGRY!

There have been two recent wasp attacks in Connecticut, one in Colchester, where a couple and their dogs were surrounded by a swarm, they are OK but the dogs had to be taken to the vet. The other incident happened in Ansonia, and a group of hikers were also stung multiple times by wasps, with one person having a severe allergic reaction. Luckily, emergency crews were able to get to those people and treat them.

So, how can you avoid being stung?? Experts say try to stay away from areas where you see a lot of wasps flying around. Chances are, there's a nest nearby. And DON'T try to kill one of them, because that little bugger will send out a 911 to his/her buddies, and they'll come 'swarming' to the rescue. 

And even though they can really be pains (literally) this time of year, wasps actually do a lot of good, by keeping garden and crop pests under control. Info below on how to co-exist peacefully with these little flying monsters!

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And HERE for tips on how to avoid angering them!

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