Gretchen Wilson's victim speaks out

Although she wishes to remain anonymous, the woman that was involved in the Gretchen Wilson airplane incident that led to Gretchen's arrest, wants to set the record straight. There was no "altercation" according to her and it was completely one sided. Read her side below:

We couldn’t land at Reagan, 30 planes couldn’t land at Reagan because there was bad, uh weather so we got rerouted to, uh Richmond with, uh, 25 other planes on the tarmac. We were not allowed to de-board the plane, and, um, we got refueled on the tarmac. Um, and at one point the captain was moving the plane because we were getting ready in line and we were like 13th in line to take off. And I drank an ice coffee (laughs a little) at the airport and I had to pee really bad! So I um, I just motioned to the steward, to the flight attendant, you know I looked at her and I pointed to the bathroom to ask her if I could go and she shook her head yes. So I got up and I went to the bathroom. And I guess that was the cue for everybody to get up and go to the bathroom. And while I was going, I just was peeing was no big deal, and um, she started banging and pulling on the door, trying to open it and screaming at me, ‘YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE ON THE PLANE!’ She was inebriated. I had seen her in Washington Reagan Airport. She was trying to get the attention of a counter person who was helping another person and they said, ya know, I’ll be with you in one second, just hold on. She just caused a scene and she’s like ‘IF YOU CAN’T HELP ME, I’LL FIND SOMEONE ELSE WHO CAN!’

And then, so on the plane, after she, so, I didn’t know what to do, she was banging on the door, and I had to get out of there, so I opened it and she grabbed my arm, yanked me out and like slid herself around me to shove herself in the bathroom. And that’s exactly what I told her, I said, “DON’T PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME!’ And I was so upset I went straight up to the flight attendant, I told her what happened, and she said, ‘don’t worry, the police will be waiting for her at the airport.’

So then she kept leaning back in her seat trying to intimidate me or whatnot and so the stewardess had to stand right next to her seat, and so then when we landed, um, I got off the plane and the police came to get me, and she stood up and lunged at me in front of everybody and said, ‘SHE’S NOT GETTING OFF THIS F****ING PLANE BEFORE I AM!’ And she was totally hammered oh my god. So the police took me down and surrounded me cause there were 5 of them. She was pushing and shoving the police. And then, um, when they went through the airport, she saw me and continued to spew stuff and then they took her to jail, and I had to finish my report with the police and she was supposed to be in court yesterday but she now has a continuance til the 13th and I have to go as the victim, and, um, this is freaking me out. I’m just as little ol’ girl who was going to a funeral and I had no idea who she was.

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