Hunter Hayes New Music Video Alert: "Dear God"

Hunter Hayes has released a new video. The official music video for his newest track, “Dear God” was posted early this morning on YouTube. The raw and honest lyrics on this song are a tribute to those who feel depressed, different, or simply socially awkward. Co-written with Andy Grammer and Dave Spencer, the song came about while Hayes was writing a letter on a flight.

“I had written a letter on the plane that was at first ‘Dear World’ before I realized I was actually writing to God,” he explains. “…When Andy took the series of questions we were making for the chorus and turned the last one into ‘are you sure that you don’t mess up,’ it hit me really hard.”

“I ask that all the time and I don’t think I’m not the only one,” Hunter adds. “It’s a valid question and one I truly believe you don’t ask unless you already know that answer because the opposite would be entirely too scary to live with.”

Hunter continues that the tracks “description of the nights when I question my world couldn’t be more vulnerable. We all face the question of being good enough for the world around us and sometimes we just need a reminder that we are.”

Watch the video:


Photo Credit: Brenton Giesey

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