Hiker Carries Injured Dog 6 Miles Down Trail Then Adopts Him

Tia was on a hike with her dad, when she came across a family who had found a dog, hurt, on the trail..

She knew she was the only one who could carry the pooch, so she draped him over her shoulders and started the grueling trek back down the mountain.

She says it was her father's sense of humor and a lot of Prayers that got her through it, and after finding Boomer's owners, who had been looking for him, she ended up adopting him..

They were moving and couldn't take him, but had found an adopter, until everyone realized that Boomer was mean to be with Tia and her family.

Ironically, she told Mother Nature Network her kids had: "Begged me for a dog and I was worried because it’s a lot of time and work. I told them no for so long. And I told them if we get a dog it would have to be dropped in my lap and already trained. And he is both of those and so much more. He feels like one of my kids now."

She's even started a Facebook group for him called Boomer The Miracle Dog!

He's healing now from his ordeal and hopefully will not need surgery.

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