Live Bedazzled Beetles Are Worn As Brooches!

posted by Wendy Steele @wendysteele925 - 

These bedazzled bugs are all the rage for some women.. 

But would you wear jewelry that crawls around on you?!

My answer is HELL NO!

BUT: These blingy beetles have quite the story behind them... Yucatan legend has it that a Mayan Princess, many many years ago, was forbidden to marry her true love. He was sentenced to death, and she so heartbroken and despondent that a shaman changed the man into a beetle that could be decorated with jewels and worn over the princess’s heart as a reminder of their eternal bond.

Awww now THAT'S kind of  romantic! 

MORE INFO on these live bug brooches here 

Then there's this real-life bug that's naturally beautiful and actually looks just like a piece of jewelry! 

And finally, a robot 'bug' that's wearable. It moves around but isn't really alive..


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