Live Bedazzled Beetles Are Worn As Brooches!

These bedazzled bugs are all the rage for some women.. 

But would you wear jewelry that crawls around on you?!

My answer is HELL NO!

BUT: These blingy beetles have quite the story behind them... Yucatan legend has it that a Mayan Princess, many many years ago, was forbidden to marry her true love. He was sentenced to death, and she so heartbroken and despondent that a shaman changed the man into a beetle that could be decorated with jewels and worn over the princess’s heart as a reminder of their eternal bond.

Awww now THAT'S kind of  romantic! 

MORE INFO on these live bug brooches here 

Then there's this real-life bug that's naturally beautiful and actually looks just like a piece of jewelry! 

And finally, a robot 'bug' that's wearable. It moves around but isn't really alive..

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