Cop With Cancer Wants To Keep Working, So Others Donate Sick Time

They say it takes a village.. 

Officer Chris Kudla was diagnosed with cancer, but told his chief he wanted to stay on the job he loves so much.

The problem though is he's only been working for the Riverside Police Department in Illinois for about 8 months, and doesn't have enough sick time to take for all of his treatments..

So, fellow officers decided to give him their sick time, then other municipal employees did the same, and now he has about 6 months accumulated!

Plus, they've set up a GoFundMe for Chris, to help pay for his treatments. "This is not only for Christopher and his family, this is also to keep an excellent officer on the streets that we so desperately need nowadays.  If there is anyone who believes in what his badge stands for, it is our brother.  He has saved so many lives in his career, now, with this campaign of “BELIEVE”, we can save him…"

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