Student Walks 20 Miles For 1st Day Of Work, Boss Gives Him New Car

Walter's car broke down the day before he was to start a new job, so, at midnight, he started to walk. 

Officers picked him up around 4am, took him to breakfast, and dropped him off.

The family who was moving that day could not believe he had walked almost all night to help them move, so they shared the story on Facebook so everyone could see the kind of guy he is..

The CEO of Bellhops Moving Company was so impressed, he gave Walter his car!

Walter tells CNN "I've never been that person that gives up," said Carr, 20. "I've just never seen myself doing that. I can only be defeated if I allow myself do be defeated."

Jenny Lamey's Facebook post says it all, and one comment stands out:  "I am in total awe of this young man!"

And it just gets better.. Walter is now donating the rest of the money raised by Jenny on GoFundMe to help others!!! WOW. What a great man he is!!! Go Walter! 

Click HERE for more on this update to a wonderful story!

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