Zsa Zsa The Bulldog Wins Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest

These dogs are ADORABLE! 

But Zsa Zsa with her unbelievably long tongue took home the trophy. 

Actually, tongues seem to be the theme with these contestants!

Zsa Zsa, and probably most of these dogs, were rescued from puppy mills, which are terrible places.. the 'breeders' if you want to call them that, only care about money and their 'product' which is puppies.. the moms & dads (breeder dogs) are often neglected, with not only physical, but also emotional trauma.  Many die not ever knowing what a soft bed, a kind touch, or even grass is.. and their babies may suffer from genetic diseases which sometimes don't appear until years later, causing their owners much heartache and expense..

Learn more about stopping PUPPY MILLS here

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