Fully Furnished Tiny Homes For Sale On Amazon

You can already get everything you need for your house on Amazon, and now, if you need a home, you can buy that too..

Check out this adorable 360 square foot house!

It has double patio doors within secure container doors. Also a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, and living area.  Plus it's fully insulated, heated & air conditioned.  And comes with bottom sewer connection, easy side water and electrical connection.

So all you need is a concrete slab and electric, water and sewer to hook up to.

Oh, and it'll be delivered to your door (if you have one?!)

And while we're on the subject of tiny homes, here's one for us dog and cat peeps! 

This would be my dream come true home though, at twice the size of the Amazon house, it's just right IMO!

For the beach bums, this looks like Paradise on water!

I'm actually in love with MANY of the tiny homes featured on Home Blings YouTube! If only I could convince my husband to downsize..

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