Studies Say Almost NO ONE Can Resist Free Food At Work

It's a common problem at work. 

You're trying to be healthy. You've brought a nice salad, and it's in the fridge.

Then someone says 'hey, there's cookies (or donuts, ice cream, pizza, etc..) in the break room, go have some!'

And you're up and eating before you can really even think about it!

I've put a poll up on my Twitter to see if others do what I do.. guess I'm the 'norm' haha, if there's free food, I'm at least going to check it out.. and most times, I'll have some. 

Like the donuts this morning. Yup, I had one..

For some tips on how to avoid those yummy, but not-good-for-you treats, click HERE

This box of donuts was FULL about an hour ago! 

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