Parents Sue Son So He'll Move Out Of Their House

**UPDATE** The parents won, he has to get out of their house now! More HERE and see the new video below.

Mr. & Mrs. Rotondo, of New York, have been forced to seek legal action to evict their 30 year old son Michael, after they've asked him repeatedly to move out..

He's been living in their home for the last 8 years, and has no job.

He claims they never asked him to contribute anything towards expenses.

The story DOES get a little more bizarre, if that's even possible, as Michael claims his parents 'harassed him' and he feels he should be able to stay in their home, rent-free, for another 6 months!  More on his thoughts, including his admission that he took money from his mom & dad, intended to help him find a new place to live, and 'spent it on other things!' Click HERE for that part of the story..

Kinda reminds me of this movie.. except Tripp's parents got a little 'creative' when trying to get rid of him..

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