Crows Have Funerals For Their Deceased

You might have known that Crows are extremely intelligent birds, however, no one knew exactly how smart they really are.. until now.

In this fascinating experiment, you will see what happens when they realize that one of their own has passed on. 

And the next time you see a 'murder' of crows, you might want to say a little Prayer for the one that's gone..

In this next video, it's clear that the Crow is trying to tell the Humans it wants something inside the window.. pretty amazing how He/She trained those people lol!

And hahaha this comment from someone on YouTube just cracked me up:  'It's winter and most of the water is frozen. The bird didn't want food, it wanted water. It needs the spoon because it can warm a scoop of snow with it's body heat and then drink from the spoon. Plus in the spring it can sell all the stolen spoons and get an apartment.'

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