Trooper Saves Puppies Locked In Car Trunk On Hot Day

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Oregon State Trooper Peterson stopped a car and immediately thought something wasn't right, so he checked the trunk and found 10 puppies locked in there with no AC or water on a 90 degree day..

They were being transported from Southern California to Seattle, and probably wouldn't have made it alive if the officer had not stopped the driver and noticed something suspicious.

The pups were taken to animal services, and the person responsible was cited with neglect.

Let's hope those sweet puppies do not end up back with that awful person..

10 Huskey/German Shepard puppies 🐶 rescued out of the trunk of a car. Today at approximately 3:30 pm, Senior Trooper/K9 Handler Travis Peterson stopped a 2008 Ford Fusion on Interstate 5 Northbound at milepost 27, just south of Medford. During the traffic stop several signs of suspicious activity were detected. A consent search revealed 10 Husky/German Shepard puppies locked in the trunk with no water and no air-conditioning on a 90 degree day. The puppies were being transported from Fontana, Ca to Seattle, Wa. The owner of the puppies was cited for Animal Neglect. OSP’s K-9 unit is not always about just finding illegal drugs, some days they get to save the lives of puppies 🐶 . #youroregonstatepolice

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