Brothers Separated At Birth Reunited After DNA Test

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Kieron received the DNA test as a Christmas gift from his adoptive mom, but nothing could prepare him for what he found.. 

he and his biological brother were both attending the same college, and shared the same major too!

He was also invited by to go on the journey of a lifetime.. see how he's related to royalty in the video below, and for more on this amazing story, click HERE 

the last few days have been a whirlwind of emotion. I did an @ancestry dna test and through that, I was able to find one of my birth brothers, Vincent. Turns out we both attend Kennesaw State University and have the same major. i also found out I have a little brother, Christian, who I never knew existed. I’m meeting my birth mom after 20 years as well as my birth father and brother on his side. Thank you everyone who has supported this. Buzzfeed and The Daily News in the U.K. will be publishing our story soon. Follow my Twitter @kc_graham if y’all want more updates! More to come.

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