Ghostly Encounters On National Paranormal Day

Happy Paranormal Day!

A new survey says 4 out of 5 Americans believe in Ghosts, 45% say they're believers although they've never seen one, and 35% say they believe because they've had a ghostly encounter..

If you're looking to find a spooky place to visit on this Paranormal Day, just check out the video below of the 10 most haunted places in Connecticut.  

Btw, Connecticut is said to be one of the states with the most paranormal activity in the country..

I've had my own run-ins with spirits 'not of this world' so to speak, shortly after my husband and I lost our first horse, Dolly, some strange things started to happen at the barn where we boarded her..

This video shows the part of the barn where brooms and pitchforks are kept, they hang on the wall. There is NO draft in this area.. but you can see the broom swinging back and forth.

Another video below shows something similar..

My friend received this bizarre message on her work computer around that same time too, she didn't talk to her coworkers about any of this, but while sitting at her desk, this appeared in front of her.  She was a little freaked out, to say the least, and texted me a picture.. I'll admit the hair stood up on the back of my neck!

Then the barn security camera recorded this, we could not figure out what the heck it was, it was not ice or snow..

And finally, after we had adopted our Mustang Suzy (our Dolly had passed away, and then 8 months later we also lost our Pony Cindy..) the security camera recorded this happening, almost every night.  It seems like the 'orbs' are traveling down the barn isle to where Suzy's stall is at the end.  I'd like to think it was Dolly & Cindy checking in on her..

We finally mentioned all of this to a friend who 'sees' ghosts, among other things.  She agreed to come out to the barn.  I don't want to say everything that happened to protect some of the people involved, but we did discover that a human ghost was there, someone who was VERY close to the facility and had always loved the property.  Dolly & Cindy were also present, however, the swinging brooms, and some other strange happenings were not of their doing.  It was the human who was not happy about things that were going on.. There was no denying it from what our friend revealed to us.  

We also had a paranormal investigating team come out and WOW that was an interesting night!  

So, I had always been a believer before this, and after even MORE.

My two beautiful girls.. Dolly & Cindy.  Always in my heart..

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