Allergies Are Bad Because Of New Super Pollen

Experts say the pollen season is longer and more severe, and the reason could be climate change.

Plants that are stressed are producing pollen that isn't physically different, but it's effects certainly are..

As you might have noticed, you start out with a runny or stuffy nose, maybe your eyes itch, and then suddenly it turns into a Sinus infection or worse!

More on why this is happening HERE from News 8 WTNH.

See below for some natural allergy relief ideas, and click HERE for more.

There are a lot of over the counter ways to find relief, but if you want a more natural route, try acupuncture, it works for me!  Love my acupuncturist at ProNatural Physicians Group!

Local honey is another method to combat seasonal allergies, more info on when to start and where to find this seemingly magical honey in CT HERE

And/or using a Neti Pot.. or sinus rinse.

And this new remedy I've discovered:  Fire Cider! 

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