The Girl Who Inspired Dierks Bentley's Woman, Amen Video


You will need tissues when watching this video!

It's about a little girl named Sydnee, and her mom Jennifer, and it's just fantastic if you ask me.

Sydnee was born with PFAPA.  It's a condition that affects the connective tissue in her body, and causes fever sores and sore throats. And she's also no stranger to being bullied.. But she doesn't let any of that stop her!  

She and her mom love to help others in need, and give back whenever and however they can. 

More on the story of Sydnee and her mom HERE

And watch the heartwarming moment when Dierks Bentley surprised them below, asking if they would like to be featured in his video.  I love when Sydnee says 'I don't care if you say no!' to her mom.. 

As far as who inspired him to write the song in the first place, well, watch below and see!  

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